The weed that wants to eat my children

One of the things that happens when you have 3 kids in 6 years is your yard goes all to pieces (at least in my house). I’ve never been a green thumb, exactly. J goes so far as to call our garden the Darwin garden… it truly is survival of the fittest. Once it’s planted, it will either adapt to our hot, muggy weather and our clay soil, or it will dry up and blow away. I’m not so good with the watering because frankly, if it isn’t pulling my leg and clamoring for food, it’s not getting fed.

So now we have a weed problem. And since I’m hoping to start a vegetable garden (I have somehow rationalized that THIS time I will be different), I won’t let J put down any weed and feed. Though in this hippy-licious neighborhood, we might have to use lawn chemicals under the cover of dark night, and hide the bag in the bottom of our trashcan.

But I digress. Back to my weeds.

They are huge. And by huge I mean gigantic. We have the standard dandelions, and other weird prickly weeds. And since I couldn’t find my gardening gloves (or J’s) I used my ski gloves to pull out some of them. But there is one weed that is unique. There is only one like it (at least in my yard) and I’ve never seen anything like it before. It’s got very broad leaves and is green and white. The leaves ripple, and are very thick. At first I admired it. Then it kept growing. And growing. And on my first attempt to pull it out it cut me. Cut me! Those leaves were razor-sharp. And then that pretty weed had to go.

This afternoon I declared war on that weed. My weapons were a sharp spade and my ski gloves. And I was victorious.


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I'm a stay home mom with 3 kids. I am simply figuring it out as I go.
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3 Responses to The weed that wants to eat my children

  1. Lauren says:

    WOAH, MAMA!!! How is that possible?!? That baby is HUGE!

    In regards to your garden: did you see my post on my veggie garden this year? SOOOOO much easier than digging up all that dirt. AND it’s a container garden so each kid could be in charge of their own container. Did I tell you this already? It’s sounding familiar… 🙂

  2. Rhiannon says:

    You have ski gloves? In Texas?

    Seconding the container gardens, with an addendum suggesting something climbing, like peas or beans.

  3. Lisa says:

    I’m a friend of Lauren McClain’s, and since I just waged a major battle in my own backyard this weekend, I was drawn to your post. You need the most amazing tool ever invented:

    It’s a life and yard saver.

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