Resort Living

This past weekend, we traveled to a resort near our house for a weekend getaway. We don’t usually take such extravagant trips, but this year has been a doozy. So we splurged.

In some ways, we were very much the country bumpkins lost in the big city. The boys didn’t understand why they had to wear shoes in the lobby or why they couldn’t race each other on the pathways on a superhero mission. I, for one, quickly embraced the no-hassle life-style. No beds to make, dinner to fix, dishes to wash…. it was fantastic! And charging things to the room is like shopping online, it’s all play money, right?

Since it’s off-season, by Sunday we were the only family still there. There were a couple of business conventions, but our kids were the only little ones. They became a little bit infamous with people commenting on Letty’s squeaky shoes (“precious”, “you always know where she is”, “are those her SHOES squeaking?”) They also commented on the boys’ “energy level”. Which I interpret as “good grief, those are some rowdy boys”. When J and I hired a sitter so we could have a grown-up dinner Sunday night, several people wanted to know where the kids were. “Oh, we just left them in the room” I replied breezily. (Though I always fessed up to having the sitter right away. I can’t stand for even a stranger to think ill of me).

By the time we left Monday morning we were ready for real life. Even a dish-free environment gets old. Especially since the kids don’t stop eating, I just traded dishes for $6 cereal from room service. So the bill came (gulp) and we departed for IHOP.


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I'm a stay home mom with 3 kids. I am simply figuring it out as I go.
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