skirts, skirts, and a dress

I got out my sewing machine, and I must admit I’ve been a little obsessive about it. I think it’s my reaction to how Fast you can sew. Normally I get my creativity out by knitting, which is such a Slow process. Even a *quick* knitting project can take me a few evenings to a few weeks, since pointy knitting needles and toddlers aren’t exactly compatible.

I did make the 5 minute skirt Angry Chicken has on her blog. Though for me, it was about a 3 hour skirt. The 3 glasses of wine and visiting with friends meant I sewed the skirt wrong side to right side. Twice. Then it was too big and I had to cut it down. Twice. But then it was done. (Good thing, it was midnight and a school night).

I also made two other skirts while we waited on our online order of fold over elastic to come. These are just two a-line skirts that I traced from an existing skirt onto fabric. One is a drawstring, and one a zipper. My zipper is a little wonky, but I always wear t-shirts with these, so who cares?

The piece-de-resistance though is Letty’s dress made from one of J’s old dress shirts. I used an online tutorial. And it turned out really cute. It’s obviously homemade in a cute, “my-mom-sewed-for-me” kind of way (or so I’m telling myself).

I’m thinking about making bloomers out of the sleeves from that same dress shirt.

It’s too bad there isn’t anything I can make for the boys. I worry about them feeling left-out, but I knit them each a sweater last year (flames on the sleeves for Jett and a pirate sweater with skull and crossbones for Carlos). Do they wear them? No. So I might as well sew for Letty while I still have control over what she wears. I figure I have about another year.


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I'm a stay home mom with 3 kids. I am simply figuring it out as I go.
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5 Responses to skirts, skirts, and a dress

  1. Katie says:

    Very cute dress! I like sewing too but sometimes I avoid it b/c Megan wants to sew too and I end up just helping her sew. But we did sew some very cute cakes made from felt.

  2. Lauren says:

    I love them!!! I’m so inspired! Way to go, Jules! I’m so impressed.

  3. Linda says:

    Yup! When Caitlin turned three is about when she quit wearing what I wanted. If I put it on her and she didn’t like it, she’d go in her room and change and hide the clothes I had put on her in the back of the closet on the floor! My “hair-dos” were out by about age five……

  4. kim says:

    Those are all really cute Julie, well done!

  5. Christine says:

    Adorable. I don’t care what Lucy says! Great utility skirts. Yes, it feels great wearing something original!

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