Saturday morning

Like most everyone, I imagine, I am in a constant quest for improvement. Recently this has become a journey of healthier eating and more exercise. And of course, there is always the goal of family peace and happiness. This morning I was able to achieve two of the three. Not bad for a Saturday 10am.

There is a lovely bakery just a stone’s throw from my house. J and I decided to ride our bikes up there for our breakfast. It was really the perfect Saturday morning excursion. The weather cooperated, the kids cooperated, and no one in a car tried to run us down. Then we biked home with our goodies, and gathered round the kitchen table. Jett and I had mint chocolate cream puffs, Carlos and Letty had cinnamon rolls, and J had a cherry-cream cheese danish. Holy crap they were good. As my friend Margaret used to say they were “slap your mama good”.  I looked at Jett at one point, as we all wolfishly inhaled our food, and he was covered in minty-chocolately goo. He had it on his fingers, on his mouth, and even on the tip of his nose. I would blame his 6 year old-ness for his messy eating, but I looked pretty much the same.

Now we are enjoying the contentment that comes with bellies full of butter, sugar and white flour. It won’t last… the crash is coming. But for now I’m basking in the sun, and the memory of a holy moment.


About morelikeaveragemom

I'm a stay home mom with 3 kids. I am simply figuring it out as I go.
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