Bye-bye Nikon, you were a great camera

It’s been an eventful week around here. The biggest thing to happen is J went out-of-town for a business conference. In San Diego. And I didn’t get to go. Boo.

The even bigger boo, though, is that on his way home his camera was stolen. Some lovely individual at the San Diego airport took J’s checked suitcase, opened it, and helped him/herself to the camera and a set of giveaway speakers he had gotten for the kids.

So our weekend at home is now filled with compiling lists of what is missing, serial/model numbers, and reports. We have to file reports with the San Diego police, American Airlines, and our insurance. The best part? Apparently this isn’t that uncommon. We are hearing stories from friends about TSA stealing crap all the time from people’s suitcases. That’s fantastic, isn’t it? The people in charge of airport security are a bunch of thieves.

We aren’t anticipating much help from American Airlines either. They may surprise us, but I’m not holding my breath.

When did petty theft become socially acceptable? Why is it ok for baggage handlers to steal stuff from their customers suitcases? Why is the burden on the traveler not to carry anything valuable in his suitcase? Aren’t we allowed to assume some sort of safety for our belongings after they leave our hands to travel to the belly of the aircraft?

I guess not.


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I'm a stay home mom with 3 kids. I am simply figuring it out as I go.
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