Help Wanted…

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I have a friend I love dearly. She’s everything I am not. When she has a spare 10 minutes she pops a tray of cookies in the oven from the dough she has premade and stashed in the freezer. When I have a spare 10 minutes I collapse on the couch with a game of computer solitaire.

Her house always smells good: a combination of fabric softener and baked goods. She never has to cut mats out of her dogs fur because her dog is groomed regularly.

And I’m sure she doesn’t have a stack of paperwork she refers to as purgatory.

In other words, she’s not me!

These differences shine this fall for two reasons: second grade and our growing knowledge of all things Asperger’s. I had a conversation with J last night, and we are going to literally rearrange our house to accommodate Jett’s need of schedules. Currently we try to keep everything on the front of the fridge, which makes the fridge front look like the inside of an addled person’s mind (mine, perhaps?) So we decided to create a business center. We are going to hang a bulletin board so we can (relatively neatly) post daily schedules, meal schedules, and homework schedules. We may also include our monthly calender, though I did attach it to the kitchen wall with those weird command adhesive hooks, and I’m not sure it’s ever coming down.

We joke periodically that we wish the adult would move in and take over. Today I just wish someone would come over and organize my house. Make my business center. Create those schedules. Get rid of purgatory.

Maybe I should call my friend.


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I'm a stay home mom with 3 kids. I am simply figuring it out as I go.
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6 Responses to Help Wanted…

  1. akbutler says:

    when she’s done, send her here…

  2. I thought of you as I was writing this because the Talking Heads song Once in a Lifetime was playing in my brain. The line “how did I get here?” seems so appropriate most days!!

  3. Lauren says:

    Oh Jules!!! I’m so glad you have a good sense of humor. We are all benefiting from your trials! Emily read and loved a book called Organizing from the Inside Out. Perhaps that could be of service?

  4. Kim says:

    I totally have organization envy. We talk about things to do and we try but the old ways of being spontaneous or dropping stuff off in random spots die hard. In one bold step for our future endeavor we bought a white board. Next to it we have a regular monthly calendar. The white board is pretty cool so far. You can just wipe away the things you have checked off your list (less paper.) Also, it is big enough to make different sections for people/things to do. I have to admit though some silly stuff does get written up there because it is so easy to erase. Kinda fun even for visiting friends. Good luck! I am trying right along with you with not nearly the amount of challenges (aka sweet cherubs)

  5. fiona2107 says:

    You sound EXACTLY like me!
    We can’t all be good at the same things…….well that’s what I tell myself anyway!

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