Halloween is coming!

There is almost nothing my kids like more than a good costume. And holiday-sschmoliday, there’s no situation that can’t be improved by being in character. Mom’s gotta go to the grocery store? Sounds like a Batman kind of adventure. Library? Clone Trooper, of course. They’ve even gone to church in costume because some battles just aren’t worth fighting. Jett may be growing out of this sense of style, but for the little ones it’s still going on full force.

So Halloween is grand. We’ve been planning our costumes for at least a month. Yet today I found myself doing exactly what I said I wouldn’t: last minute shopping for a Halloween costume.

See, Carlos wanted to be an alien this year. I had him draw his vision so we would be on the same page. And then we googled images to refine that vision. We decided on a Roswell alien kind of costume, consisting of a green jumpsuit, and a hood with alien eyes appliqued on the top. And he traisped around town happily in it for about two weeks.

Until Jett told him the hood looked funny.

So here we are. The school party is in mere hours. And Carlos is costume-less. He says he’s just going to wear his old Superman costume (which has holes in it, and is about 3 inches too short). When I complained I wanted Halloween to be special for him, he explained he’s already done Halloween “for at least 100 years already”. He’s over it.


So I guess he and Letty will both be Superman. Because out of the butterfly, kitty, or chef outfits she has to choose from, the only thing she will keep on her body longer than 7 seconds is the other Superman costume.

So this will be the year we look at pictures from Halloween and remember our awesome Superkids.


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I'm a stay home mom with 3 kids. I am simply figuring it out as I go.
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One Response to Halloween is coming!

  1. Lauren says:

    I heard the mask looked more like a frog??? 🙂 I LOVE that picture!!!!!!!!!!!

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