Feeling good

It’s been slow on the postings around here. I’m sure there are several reasons, the first being a really nice steady routine. I hate to say it’s been easy around here, because as you all know, that’s just tempting the parenting fairies to make craziness rain down. But yeah, we have a steady routine, and that makes all the difference around here.

We have also begun the holiday trifecta. Halloween has come and gone, and now we are planning our Thanksgiving contributions while keeping an eagle eye out at all times for that perfect Christmas gift for the (growing number of) people on our list.

But while I’m busy and getting busier, I’m not in a particularly bad place – good for me, perhaps a little boring for the blogging world! (And just by putting this in writing, I will inevitably be writing a post titled The S* Hits the Fan in just a few days or so).


Contentment reigns for another reason. I got away for the weekend with J for the first time in 5 years this past weekend. No kids. No plans. Just the two of us free for 48 hours. We didn’t worry about naps, kid menus, diapers, or sensory issues for 2 whole days.

When friends ask about the weekend the thing that stands out the most is being together with No Schedule Whatsoever. Time was truly our own. I never realized what a luxury that is.

And as we enter this trifecta of holidays, time will become the enemy. No matter how much we under-schedule and under-plan in an attempt to keep our slow living, well, slow, we will be stressed and overbooked. That’s the charm of the holidays, right?

But for now, I’m feeling happy. And content. And it feels pretty good.


About morelikeaveragemom

I'm a stay home mom with 3 kids. I am simply figuring it out as I go.
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