Gifts, gifts, and more gifts

The holidays are coming, and with it comes that age-old question: Am I going to be that weird relative that gives handmade gifts?

Every year I struggle with this question. And I still haven’t found the answer. I have erred in the past on the side of made things. Last year I made custom pillowcases for all the kids and teens on my list. My own kids like them. The others said they did, but who really knows? We live in the South. Politeness is one of the first survival skills we learn.

*************Spoiler Alert***************

If you are related to me you may consider stopping reading now

This year several thoughts are running through my brain.

  1. Zipper pouches. Perhaps filled with lip gloss or nail polishes.
  2. Handmade soap decorated with kid art. I saw this in a book. I’ve never made soap before. It could be a total pain. And I’m not sure if anyone other than me thinks my kid’s art belongs on soap.
  3. Fabric scarfs. But I knit scarfs a few years ago. I knit socks last year. How many accessories does my family REALLY need? Define need.
  4. Tote bags. The green craze is here to stay when even Wal-mart encourages reusable shopping bags. And I dare say mine are way cuter than Wal-mart’s.

I can always go the purchased trinket route. According to the emails increasingly filling my inbox every day, everyone loves a trinket. Or an electronic. Or a cashmere sweater.

Ah the holidays.


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I'm a stay home mom with 3 kids. I am simply figuring it out as I go.
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4 Responses to Gifts, gifts, and more gifts

  1. Becky Lee says:

    I bet Virginia and Clarissa would looooove the zipper pouch idea! Ooooo… and fabric scarfs…. awesome…. oh and tote bags are always so handy…. I don’t know but I think hand made gifts are AWESOME!

  2. sarylala says:

    Would you make me a tote bag? I know I am not on your Christmas list, so I would pay you for them!

  3. Love your ideas … and you’re such a good writer, to boot.

  4. Lauren says:

    ha ha! fabric scarves adn tote bags sound good to me!

    And you know I love love love those skirts you make. 🙂 I’m just sayin…

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