Nostalgic cookies

When I was a little girl my cousins gave us a plate of Christmas cookies every year. They were cut-out sugar cookies decorated with the kind of icing that got hard and didn’t smear all over your fingers (and I wonder where Jett gets his sensory issues).

I adored those cookies.

I decided this year to try them with my own kids. Needless to say, we learned lots of lessons.

Rolling out sugar cookies is a pain. These cookies are fragile. They may be too fragile to be a staple in this house. And rolling cookies annoys me. I yelled at the kids and sent them away because they “weren’t doing it right”. So I took a break and had some coffee and thought about what I wanted them to learn (and what I was teaching) from this experience.

I decided to ice the cookies today, a full day after I baked them. Mostly because I was too tired and too grumpy to tackle it yesterday.

We made royal icing (I found out that’s what the hard icing is called. It has egg whites or meringue powder in it to make it dry hard).When royal icing comes together in the mixing bowl it looks and tastes just like marshmallow fluff. It’s very delicious.

We divided the icing into little bowls and put food coloring in them to have colored icing. Letting each kid pick 2 colors to make was just the right amount of icing colors. (7 bowls total for those of you keeping count at home… 6 colors plus white).

3 dozen cookies was just right. Less and the kids would have felt like they didn’t get to decorate enough. More and they would have gotten bored and wandered off. As it was, Carlos was the last kid standing. I’m discovering he has the most stamina for art projects.

This is messy work. My table was a disaster, even with wax paper “place mats” for each kid.

If you are a germ-phobe, don’t eat our cookies. There was lots of finger-licking and finger-painting.

They turned out beautiful. Even better than I remember.





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I'm a stay home mom with 3 kids. I am simply figuring it out as I go.
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3 Responses to Nostalgic cookies

  1. akbutler says:

    I love it! Kudos to you for getting your kids involved (and knowing when to take a break when you needed it). Your making memories for them too. Awesome.
    Happy Holidays!

  2. Katie says:

    Nice! We have been meaning to make grahm cracker ‘gingerbread’ houses. I purchased the royal icing already made from Central Market. Got out all the left over candy from Halloween and put it in a muffin tins ready to use. But we still have not managed to buy the crackers and make these houses. I know it takes a lot to get these kind of projects done! Congrats!

  3. Diana Dawson says:

    Such wonderful memories, Julie! When my kids were younger, we had an annual sugar cookie baking and decorating party for as many as 20 kids. Sugar and icing was everywhere and I had to practically hose down the kitchen. At 18 and 12, they call that one of their favorite Christmas memories. Have fun!

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