How Texas kids play in the snow

It’s been cold here lately. And by cold I mean down in the 20s. Hey – we live in Texas. It *is* cold for us!

We even had some snow last week – and let me tell you… down here in south central Texas we don’t get snow very often. As we told the kids: “This may be the last measurable snowfall in your childhood. Get out there and enjoy it!” (The snow was all melted by 11am.)

Part of the charm of Texas snow is our utter lack of preparedness. Not only are we horrible drivers on the stuff, the entire city shuts down for just a half inch of accumulation (I’m not complaining!)

We also severely lack cold weather gear. Jett is the only one of my kids who owns an actual coat. So when we were out playing in our “snow”, Letty had on a heavy jacket with a rain coat over it and Carlos had two shirts with two sweatshirts. I also made the kids wear their pjs under their clothes as make-shift long johns.

Once we were all bundled up, we made our way to the park where we met up with some neighborhood friends. Several parents had the foresight to bring sleds. And when I say sleds I mean storage box lids. Cookie sheets. Cardboard boxes. It was fantastic. A true Texas sledding experience.

Luckily, we did have the one key item for a successful snow day: homemade hot chocolate.


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I'm a stay home mom with 3 kids. I am simply figuring it out as I go.
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One Response to How Texas kids play in the snow

  1. Up here in Arlington we had almost 3″ of the stuff during 3 episodes in the last 10 days of the quaintly named “winter mix.” Those storage box lids were so handy. My enterprising granddaughter got a laundry basket and affixed it to the lid with bungy cords, and whoosh, the kids were off like greased lightning!

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