Finding a tribe

I’ve been on a blogging hiatus lately. Seriously, has it been almost a month since I last posted?? We have some changes coming outside the normal kid stuff that we have been dealing with, but more on that at a later date.

I may have mentioned before that Jett is doing some behavior therapy both individually and in a group setting. He is using Michelle Winner‘s curriculum and is learning to be a “social detective”. The best part about his therapy is not only is he learning skills directly related to his Asperger’s, he is hearing from adults other than his parents how certain behaviors are “unexpected” and how to work to change them. This is such a support to us, and the therapists he is working with are brilliant and make my job so much easier!

One of the recurring themes I keep hearing from both his therapists and his teachers is we need to find Jett his people. He needs to find his tribe, his clique: the kids with whom he feels like he belongs.

Not always easy with a child on the Autism Spectrum who is obsessed with Lego.

But as it turns out, there exists a company who puts on summer and spring break camps where the primary focus is Lego and technology. A child can learn at these camps to make stop-animation movies using Lego minifigs, to create and program a Lego robot, and to create their own video game. To say this is right in Jett’s wheelhouse is an understatement.

He tried one of the camps last week. I was understandably nervous. After all, he would be in a room with strangers all morning. I shouldn’t have been so concerned. When I picked him up at lunchtime he was sitting on the floor with 3 other boys playing with Legos. And he wasn’t just playing by himself while the action went on around him, he was actually interacting. Lego camp for the win!

AND it turns out the Lego Club meets once a month at the Lego store in our local mall. We are attending our first meeting tomorrow morning. It’s Star Wars theme this month.

AND it also turns out that some of the boys in his class that he likes are also similarly obsessed with Lego, and they are going to join us at camp this summer. Plus the social detective work he is doing is allowing his to feel more comfortable on the playground and other social situations. This morning as we walked to school (a transition struggle every single day) he saw a friend ahead. As recently as a month ago, he would hang back, clutching my hand, and put his head down to avoid having to say hello as we transitioned from home to school. Today? He dropped my hand and without a word ran to catch up with his friend.

I am more proud than I know how to say (or even feel). I am starting to hope that friendship may not be out of reach for Jett. And that makes this mama weep with joy.


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10 Responses to Finding a tribe

  1. Jeff Silvey says:

    Finding their clique can be difficult for any child, but understandably, it would be even more difficult in your situation. Lego Camp and club for the win, indeed!

  2. akbutler says:

    five stars!! that’s terrific!
    can you share the name of the club/camp? maybe there’s one around here.

  3. Oh Julie I am thrilled to hear this! Love you.

  4. Noel says:

    Marvelous news!!!! Oh how wonderful!!!!

  5. Yea! Double yea! Cartwheels and triple yea!!!

  6. fiona2107 says:

    I’ve missed your blogging Julie!!
    So thrilled about the lego camp being such a success for Jett….WOOHOO!

  7. Janay says:

    What a HUGE leap – even better than an actual trophy (unless it’s a trophy made of Legos). I’m celebrating with you!!

  8. This kind of made me tear up a bit! I’m soooo happy that Jett has been able to find a “tribe!” I’m sure that this must be a huge relief for YOU, not only to have a bit of freedom from worrying about his present, but also from fearing for his (and your!) future. Yay for Lego camp!

  9. This is so cool! I’ve got my own Lego obsessed six year old.

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