No Poo part… umm… I forget

I haven’t used shampoo in long enough that it’s no longer a thing. I just dump some baking soda in my hand while showering, add a little water to it, rub it in, rinse and go. I discovered through trial and error that apple cider vinegar was TOO moisterizing (who knew?) so I only use it as a rinse about once a week. And my hair is fine. Looks fine, smells fine, and is blessedly tangle free.

So this weekend we traveled to grandma’s house. I didn’t pack my baking soda (because that seems, well, weird). And when it was shower time I couldn’t find hers, so I used… *shampoo*. And I’m not even ashamed.

I also used regular soap, regular lotion, and (gasp) Secret antiperspirant/deodorant.

And the world didn’t stop turning. It was nice, even, to take a break from worrying about the chemicals in things and just shower with convenience products. A true vacation, if you will.

One other thing grandma’s house has… locks on the bathroom door. I got to take a shower with no children. Specifically no Letty. And once she discovered the locked door she laid on the floor screaming at the injustice. She also pulled the cat’s tail, and got into a fight with Jett when he tried to defend the cat.

I simply turned the water up higher to drown out the noise.

Ahhh. Privacy and shampoo. I should come here more often.


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I'm a stay home mom with 3 kids. I am simply figuring it out as I go.
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3 Responses to No Poo part… umm… I forget

  1. Lauren says:

    Ha! Love it! Read this this morning and didnt’ have time to comment. Was running short on time in the shower and thought, hmmm…so I don’t have to use apple cider vinegar AND conditioner? (I thought the vinegar rinse was to get all the baking soda out!) So I took your advice and just did the rinse. I didn’t even condition Abigail’s hair b/c I figured I’d use coconut oil anyway. (She appreciated the lack of a 2nd rinse! Rinsing shampoo is enough, she says!) My question is how much baking soda and vinegar do you use? It feels like I’m using a lot. It doesn’t exactly lather, you know… I started this on Wednesday and so far so good! Yea!!!

    • I don’t measure the baking soda, just dump some in my hand. I just try to concentrate on the roots, and it all seems to work out. There is a few week period where your hair may be a bit lanky as it adjusts the amount of oil it produces, but hang in there. That’s why God made ponytails!

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