Showing the house

I may have mentioned a few weeks ago that we are selling our house. What we are actually doing is showing our house. To whoever wants to look at it.

Technology has changed the real estate game. Now agents can call my cell phone to make appointments to see the house. I’m supposed to get a 2 hour notice, but sometimes, well, let’s just say that it’s more like a 2 hour made-for-tv movie without the commercial breaks notice. And I’ve been very accommodating.

But I’m starting to feel like Carrie on prom night. No, no one has thrown pigs blood on me (or my house) but I have been stood up. Twice.

I realize the real estate agents don’t know I have 3 small children. Nor do they know that one of them is on the Autism Spectrum and showing the house alone sometimes puts him in such a tizzy that it takes several days to recover. But doesn’t common courtesy demand that if you aren’t going to keep an appointment you call (or text) to cancel?

I clearly think so. Me, and my old fashioned manners.

All venting aside, this is a strange process. Keeping my house beautiful so strangers can tromp through it judging it in just a few minutes. It’s enough to make me change my mind about the whole process. Almost.

But the next one that stands me up? I may bill them for my time, energy and effort. Or record one of Jett’s tantrums and leave it on their voice mail. That’s only fair, right?


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I'm a stay home mom with 3 kids. I am simply figuring it out as I go.
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12 Responses to Showing the house

  1. Katie says:

    Julie, I can so relate to this. It is enough to drive you crazy. Hang in there. We went through the same thing with our house. We had soooo many showings and several people standing us up. It really pissed me off. We started screening the people that called to make sure our house fit what they were looking for. And we said no to the last minute callers. I think being less accommodating is good. It weeds out the people that are not serious.

  2. jenniepglass says:

    I have deaf clients right now so it is VERY important that agents call me to set up the appointment and then I text my clients. We’ve had agents that just show up and who stand up my clients. It drives me crazy! Hang in there. Your house looks great and it is priced well. It will go soon!!!

  3. Jenny says:

    I agree with Katie: stand firm on your boundaries. In a way, it makes your home more appealing that it’s off-limits when the beggars (I almost wrote buggars!) don’t follow the rules of etiquette.
    As for recording one of Jett’s tantrums on their VM — sounds like a plan! I would tell the prospective agent what’ll happen if you’re stood up — no sense letting them think someone’s being murdered.

  4. We have our last weekend of ‘open homes’ starting tomorrow(saturday).I am so over it that I dont even know where to begin.Four sleeps till auction day.I just want it done.As for those agents who stand you up that is just too rude.

    • Auction day? How does that work? You don’t wait for an individual buyer to buy your house?

      • Dearna says:

        I’m not sure how the real estate process works in the states but here in New Zealand we have a few options open to us.In our case we listed the house with a real estate agent and we have had three weekends of ‘open homes'(where he shows the house).Then there is a set date for the auction(tonight!!).We will arrive at the agencys auction rooms tonight and set a private reserve for our house.All interested people have to register to bid then the house will be auctioned.If it reaches the reserve(and hopefully passes it) then it will be officially sold to the highest bidder.If it does not reach reserve then we can negotiate with the highest bidder.
        I am so nervous!

      • That is so cool! I wish we could have an auction!! In the states, we list it for sale at a set price, and then people decide whether or not they want to come see it. Then we have to wait to see if anyone wants to buy it at our price. If not, we can choose to lower our price, or take it off the market and sell it at another time. It could take months! Good luck tonight! I hope lots of people want to buy your house. The pictures are gorgeous!

  5. Noel says:

    Girl – I have no idea how you do it all already. But with this situation, you can always request a week or weekend off to give your family a break. A truly serious buyer will wait til you’re all ready for the invasion again….. feeling some of your pain but not able to feel all of it. Just haven’t been there…. but I hope things pan out soon. And then wait til ya move! More Joy!

  6. akbutler says:

    There was nothing I hated more than selling our house. I had a 4 yr old and a 4 month old (and a dog), and would have the same thing happen to me that is happening to you. We were so desperate to sell (mostly because I couldn’t stand keeping the house in show mode) that I took any and every call. But at some point, I had to set some boundaries with the agent. And that’s when the real offers came in. Good luck. It stinks but you’ll get through it.

  7. Dearna says:

    It sold!!

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