Training for the toliet

I should have known potty-training Letty would be a very different experience from training the boys. She’s different than them in many ways, after all. Besides which, I didn’t really ever “train” the boys as much as I just waited until one day they said “I want to pee in the potty”. I said okay, and that was that. (Lazy parenting? Yes. I could write the book.)

Letty is completely enamored of the idea of the potty. Specifically, she thinks underwear is very cool. And the best underwear in the world belongs to Carlos. Countless times a day she disappears into the back of the house and reappears wearing her t-shirt and a pair of Batman briefs. Backwards, usually.

Then I forget she took off her diaper, and next thing I know a realtor is coming to show the house, Letty’s underwear is wet, and I have to go hunt down the puddle of pee. And hope it’s not on a piece of furniture. Or our borrowed rug.

Tonight she had a break through. She started to pee (while sitting on the couch), but I quickly picked her up and stuck her on the potty. Then gave the required praise when she did in fact pee on the potty.

So who’s trained? I’ll give you a hint…it’s not the two-year old. She just asked me to change another pair of wet underwear.


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I'm a stay home mom with 3 kids. I am simply figuring it out as I go.
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One Response to Training for the toliet

  1. Nicole says:

    Im trying to train my my 20 month old to use his potty..
    its not going soo well yet.. he’ll only sit on it for a lil bit but will absouletly NOT go in his potty =/
    Wen I take him off… he’ll instantly pee on the floor…. good thing we didn’t have carpet…
    but since we just moved now we have carpet so im hoping we wont pee on the carpet

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