Magazine living

I miss my sewing machine. I’m having dreams about it. And if it weren’t buried at the very bottom and back of a 10×7 ft storage unit that is packed to the very ceiling I would go get it, house staging be darned.

See, when we decided to sell our house we packed up half our stuff and put it in a storage unit. The thought is to make the house look larger and neater. You know – more like a magazine. Because when you buy our house, you won’t need trash cans in the bathrooms. Or end tables. Or sewing machines.

And our house does look great – it’s the closest I will ever come to living in a Dwell magazine. But magazine living has grown a bit tiresome. It turns out I’m not as much a purger as I thought. I miss the extras. I miss the art supplies I curse every time they get taken out and strewn across the dining room table. I miss my cooking gear. I wanted to make a tart the other day, and my tart pan is packed. And of course, I miss my sewing and craft supplies.

I do like parts of this magazine living though. I like the fact that my house gets picked up every day. Our yard no longer looks like a low-rent daycare with  broken toys littering it. And our shower no longer has an overflowing caddy threatening to spill every time we step in (though that’s actually the thing J misses the most!).

Overall this is a good lesson in discipline for us. Rarely in the past month have I been embarrassed to have people see the state of my living room. Even my in-laws coming for a visit didn’t send me into a cleaning panic! But I’m guessing this isn’t sustainable. Once we are done with the whole real estate thing, my slovenly-ness is going to be back with a vengeance. But that’s alright. Living in a magazine is overrated anyway.


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I'm a stay home mom with 3 kids. I am simply figuring it out as I go.
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5 Responses to Magazine living

  1. Love it Julie. And if you ever need a sewing fix, there’s always Stitch Lab.

  2. Lauren says:

    So true! Some friends of ours were just featured in a home make over show, and I commented to J (my J!) as we watched it, that they USE the stuff that disappeard! It’s just not practical to live like a magazine!

  3. Dearna says:

    The day after our house sold I made a decision not to make any beds-just because I could.Our house was perfectly tidy for a month,not a thing out of place-except us.

  4. Emily says:

    AHH!! Don’t show this post to Chris. We have a saying in my house that drives him crazy. I am a little neurotic about clutter and my house. One day after getting annoyed at how he always leaves things out, he said to me, “Do you expect our house to always look like the inside of a Pottery Barn catalogue?!” My response was a resounding, “YES!!” Lol, so now all I have to say is, “You better Pottery Barn this place up.” And he knows exactly what to do! Its a curse really!

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