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Adventures of an advanced beginner

My blogging journey began as an outpost to my Facebook account. Some of the funny things that happened in my life as a mom required more words than the average status update. And this blog was born. Shortly thereafter, Jett … Continue reading

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2012 resolutions, or how to kick anxiety on it’s butt

Last year I wrote about my theme for the upcoming 2011: community. Little did I know how big that one word would become. We moved, as planned, about halfway through the year. When we did, my old friend Anxiety came … Continue reading

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Eat your veggies now

When spring rolls around everyone seems to revel in the renewal of life. And since I’m past renewing life *that* way (I have plenty of babies, thankyouverymuch) I like to garden. But I’m no good at it. My past gardening … Continue reading

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Magazine living

I miss my sewing machine. I’m having dreams about it. And if it weren’t buried at the very bottom and back of a 10×7 ft storage unit that is packed to the very ceiling I would go get it, house … Continue reading

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Showing the house

I may have mentioned a few weeks ago that we are selling our house. What we are actually doing is showing our house. To whoever wants to look at it. Technology has changed the real estate game. Now agents can … Continue reading

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No Poo part… umm… I forget

I haven’t used shampoo in long enough that it’s no longer a thing. I just dump some baking soda in my hand while showering, add a little water to it, rub it in, rinse and go. I discovered through trial … Continue reading

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We are moving. Well, technically we are listing our house for sale, but the theory is it will sell, and then we will move. To say this has been more work than I anticipated goes without saying. To say that … Continue reading

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