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Get around town

I drive a minivan older than my oldest child. In dog years, my van is 622. And, to be fair, it has been a darn fine vehicle. It has carried us faithfully on many a road trip, both local and … Continue reading

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Turning 40!

I will be 40 this year. As I approach this milestone birthday a million bad jokes float through my mind. A million ideas on how to celebrate also float through my mind. Mostly, though, turning 40, for me, is becoming … Continue reading

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Sometimes I am jealous of my husband, J. When he has free time he knows exactly what he wants to do. A talented musician and photographer, he is never lacking in projects. What he lacks is time… the sob story … Continue reading

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Friday Night Moms

I’ve been faithfully following a new blog called the Oxygen Mask Project. It’s essays written by other Autism moms with a focus on how they care for themselves. It’s got me thinking about when Jett was 3, 4 and 5. … Continue reading

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2012 resolutions, or how to kick anxiety on it’s butt

Last year I wrote about my theme for the upcoming 2011: community. Little did I know how big that one word would become. We moved, as planned, about halfway through the year. When we did, my old friend Anxiety came … Continue reading

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Beach critters

No trip to Florida is complete without a trip to the beach. Ours was no exception. The beaches in Pensacola are stunning. White sugar sand, clear water. The water was so clear, in fact, we were able to see clearly … Continue reading

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Our clan is taking a road trip. The beauty of homeschool is we can do it anywhere, so we packed our bags and headed out the door. This experience will be rich in stories. The five of us will travel … Continue reading

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