More summertime

I remember before Jett started preschool. When our days were hours that had to be filled. When a walk to the local convenience store, quarter in hand to buy a Tootsie Pop, took at least 45 minutes. If it were spring and flowers were blooming that time stretched even more.

Now, I have more kids. Less time. More schedules. I have the joy and burden of having a toddler who needs diaper changes and naps, a preschooler who really isn’t as big as he thinks, and a 7 year old who has Asperger’s, and can’t handle big sensory experiences. Hmmm. So what are we going to do today?

Carlos said the other day: “I don’t really like anyone. Only our family”. Great. He’s supposed to be the friendly one. But in a way he’s right. When it’s just our family, it’s easier. We understand all our quirks. We know, sort of, how to avoid Jett’s meltdowns. And we know when Letty needs to sleep. And we get our own messes, eating schedules, and all the whatnot. Trouble is… mama needs people. I’m a social creature.

So here I sit, Sunday night, with a pad of paper and pencil trying to map our week. Trying to accommodate kid needs, parent needs, and household needs (no, those groceries don’t buy themselves, nor does the laundry wash, dry, and fold itself). I feel like I should make a bar graph or pie chart or something.

And I realize Letty has never had the pleasure of walking to the “little store” (as we call it) and buying a Tootsie Pop. That has to change. Tomorrow.

I’ll add it to the schedule.


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I'm a stay home mom with 3 kids. I am simply figuring it out as I go.
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10 Responses to More summertime

  1. Lauren says:

    I love walking down to the little store with y’all! (Though I prefer ice cream over tootsie pops! :))

    I laughed out loud at your comment that Charlie’s supposed to be the friendly one. 🙂 Oh J! How I love you!!

    Enjoy your trip to the little store!

  2. Christy says:

    I hear you sister. Just realized this weekend that Aaron has only had his picture taken (by someone other than me) once, and that was almost 2yrs ago!

  3. akbutler says:

    so timely – I was just lying awake last night thinking of all the things we can’t (or maybe just don’t) because of nap schedules/tantrums/transitions/just plain fear. Your post reminded me that my kids are potentially missing out because I’m worried about what might happen. So today, I’m sticking “library” on the schedule. We haven’t been in 3 years. thanks for the reminder.

  4. metalmommy says:

    Love it. Did you get the Tootsie Pop?? It surely does get hard to juggle it all and also find time for yourself, to do the things that satisfy YOU. One of my favorite sayings when I’m really feeling sorry for myself is, “My life is not my own!!” It feels good to whine that aloud sometimes….!

  5. Juggling is the skill I didn’t realize I would need as a mom! But it sure is!

    We went to the library last week for the first time in ages. It went fairly well, though I didn’t even try to attempt storytime.

    And then this morning I got an email from a well intentioned mom wondering if I was taking Jack to the Last Airbender. Oh yeah, right. What would I do with the other two? And if I could find childcare for them, which would send J running faster from the theater – the crowds, the noise or the scary content??

  6. Christine says:

    That captures a beautiful truth and makes me wanna laugh and cry at the same time. Well said!

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  8. akbutler says:

    I hope you don’t mind that I linked to your post…you inspired me I’ll take it down if you want me too.

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