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Why I’m learning to stand on my head

I’ll tell you a little secret about being a mom: sometimes it sucks. Okay, that’s not really a secret. Anyone who is a mom or has ever spent time with a mom knows it’s hard. Add in a child with … Continue reading

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Homeschool fail

Big meeting tomorrow. J and I are meeting with the public school in our neighborhood to discuss enrolling Jett. I feel like such a failure. What I had hoped to do for a year, I didn’t even manage for an … Continue reading

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Too much?

Is there a such thing as over-attachment? I read articles about kids who don’t attach to their caregivers for various reasons (none of them good), but I’ve never heard of a kid who is too attached. But here we are. … Continue reading

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Our clan is taking a road trip. The beauty of homeschool is we can do it anywhere, so we packed our bags and headed out the door. This experience will be rich in stories. The five of us will travel … Continue reading

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Out of coffee

We’re out of coffee. Have more frightening words ever been spoken? It’s Friday morning. And we are out of coffee. We buy it in two pound bags. I’m not sure how exactly it happened. But here we are, and my … Continue reading

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Feeding a homeschooling family

It’s dinner time again. And once again I’m too tired to want to work very hard in the kitchen. We went to a museum today on a field trip to an Ancient Egypt exhibit. We had a great time, and … Continue reading

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Let the (home)schooling begin!

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted to this blog. Moving, along with the other stresses of our lives these last two years, dried up my words. But I’ve lain awake the last two nights making up blog posts … Continue reading

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